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A Global Stock-Take of Country-Owned Grievance and Feedback Mechanisms : Trends and Good Practices - Case Studies (الإنجليزية)

A grievance mechanism (GM) is a set of procedures and processes to receive, address, and resolve feedback, including complaints, queries, suggestions, and compliments. It is a tool for facilitating the participation of citizens in the development process and provides a consistent and accountable avenue for citizens and beneficiaries to share their views and inputs on development planning, progress, and outcomes. Country-owned GMs are state-based, nonjudicial avenues for the public to submit feedback, led and managed by a ministry, department, or independent body based on a statutory or constitutional provision. They are positioned to address grievances on administrative matters such as service delivery. These GMs, which can be centralized or decentralized depending on the administrative structure, the regulatory and policy framework, and the sector or thematic issue, are distinct from oversight entities such as anticorruption and human rights commissions, ombud offices, and watchdog organizations such as consumer protection bureaus. Centralized country-owned GMs are managed by a single entity that provides the main gateway for the submission of citizen feedback. In most cases, the task of such a centralized GM is to accept and acknowledge the receipt of a submission and then forward it to the public sector entity with the mandate to address the specific issue at hand. Upon receiving a submission, the appropriate ministry, bureau, or department ensures adequate follow-up, investigation, and action, with a view toward proposing a resolution agreeable to the GM user. Grievance redress units established at the central/ national level typically monitor the responses of such public entities to ensure that they are abiding by legally established timeframes for an administrative response and that after receiving a suggested resolution, they are communicating it back to citizens. Furthermore, because of its position as a central node, a centralized GM can also collect and publish relevant grievance data.


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