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Leveraging Cities and Towns in Sahel : Moving from analytics to operations (الإنجليزية)

In the Sahel, cities and towns are centers of resilience, with varying economic potential in the face of widespread violence. Cities and towns provide socio-economic resilience - they bring hubs of population and economic density in a sparse region, offering connectivity and services as nodes along transport routes. Within a context of fragility, cities and towns provide a place of refuge for the forcibly displaced across a growing number of very small cities and host an equal share of the population as the larger (primate cities). But their economic potential differs measuring across the countries in the region, with areas of higher-than-average economic potential tending to cluster: Burkina Faso has the greatest share of admin 3 units with higher-than average economic potential, while areas of lowest economic potential are found in the sparsely populated North, particularly in Chad, but also in Mali and Niger. However, high economic potential index (EPI) scores hide low levels of human capital development, which limits both productivity and opportunities. The study found no clear relationship between EPI and violence: violent events occur in areas of both high and low potential. This Note is structured in three parts. Part 1 is a background that discusses key findings from the Sahel Urban Link analytics; Part 2 provide broad principles on how to start based on the analytical findings; and Part 3 provides suggestions on how to implement based on the analytical findings and best practices/lessons learned from TTLs. The annex provides an overview of projects reviewed in the World Bank’s URL and other relevant portfolios


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    Leveraging Cities and Towns in Sahel : Moving from analytics to operations

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