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Iraq - Emergency Operation Development Projects (EODP) : environmental assessment (Vol. 7) : Environmental and social management checklist for maintenance of Baladruz - Mindili road (part - A) in Diyala Governorate (15.5km) (الإنجليزية)

The development objective of Emergency Operation Development Project (EODP) for Iraq is to support the country in the reconstruction of damaged infrastructure and the restoration of public services delivery in Targeted Municipal Areas. Some of the negative impacts include : i) noise level and deterioration of air quality resulting from the rehabilitation activities; ii) contamination of soil and water drainage channel by construction and municipal waste generated and stored within the site; Some of the mitigation measures include : i) machines and equipment are periodically checked and maintained to ensure their good working condition; ii) equipment must be kept in good working order and where appropriate fitted with silencers which are kept in good working order; iii) wastewater from the worker rest areas or construction offices should be contained in solid bottom containers and should be removed regularly from site by means of authorized contractors. the wastewater should be disposed in wastewater treatment plants as determined by the municipality; iv) to prevent soil contamination by oil/grease spills, leakages or releases, all manipulations of oil derivatives in the process of construction and provision of the fuel to the machines should be performed with maximum care; v) minimize waste generation on site; vi)Provide information, through appropriate signage, to the bridge users to use the alternative route and upgrade the alternative route to be able to receive the additional number of vehicles. vii) qualified personnel must be employed for the construction equipment, and personnel must be trained for health and safety issues.


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