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Proposal for a permanent crisis response window in IDA (الإنجليزية)

As a group, low income countries tend to be both more frequently affected by severe crises and more vulnerable to their impact. Most often access to exceptional International Development Association (IDA) allocations has been triggered by natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes which typically affect one or very few countries. This kind of support follows well established procedures in IDA, whereby management uses the authority it is given under IDA replenishments to provide exceptional allocations in the aftermath of major natural disasters. While such support has been granted very sparingly in the past, it nonetheless has the effect of taxing other IDA countries, since the resources are not provided separately, but are rather subtracted from the pool of unused IDA resources within any given replenishment period. Based on the guidance received at the first IDA16 meeting in Paris, this paper lays out a detailed proposal for a permanent Crisis Response Window (CRW) within the IDA framework. The paper is organized as follows. Section two reviews the experience gained to date with implementing the pilot-CRW, and provides additional information regarding the IDA's role in crises response. Section three sets out the proposed design for the permanent CRW, including areas of coverage, eligibility criteria for access to resources under the permanent CRW, and criteria for determining the amounts to be allocated for each eligible crisis response. This section also includes proposed governance arrangements that would guide the use of CRW resources, including the role of IDA's Board of Executive Directors. Section four sets out how the CRW could be financed and section five sets out the issues for discussion. This paper builds on the paper discussed at the first IDA16 meeting in March and, unless necessary, it does not repeat information provided in the earlier paper.


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    Proposal for a permanent crisis response window in IDA

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