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Helping Croatia Prepare for Successful European Union Integration (الإنجليزية)

This Results Profile talks about helping Croatia prepare for successful European Union (EU) integration. Croatia’s overarching priority was to enter the EU with a competitive and growing economy and the institutional capacity to meet the demands of EU membership. To achieve this, several challenges needed to be overcome, including completing Croatia’s transition to a market economy with a focus on private sector growth. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) has been focusing its assistance on helping Croatia prepare for successful EU integration by, raising the competitiveness of the economy through long-term investments in major trading routes such as the Ports of Rijeka and Ploce. IBRD has been extensively engaged in providing financial support, technical assistance, policy advice, and analytical services to Croatia. The Agriculture Acquis Cohesion Project has helped the country meet the EU accession requirements in the agriculture and rural development areas. About 1,270 new jobs have been created in underdeveloped and war-affected areas across the country, rebuilding lives and livelihoods through activities under the Social and Economic Recovery Project. Energy Efficiency Project helped introduce energy efficient lighting, heating and thermal insulation in more than 50 schools across the country. Throughout its engagement in Croatia, IBRD has developed and maintained excellent partnerships with key international institutions active in the country.Croatia’s per capita income reached about 63 percent of the EU average.


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    Helping Croatia Prepare for Successful European Union Integration

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    European Bank for Reconstruction and Development;social and economic recovery;quality of education;budget support;per capita income;promotion of energy;emergency medical service;Emergency Medical Services;energy efficient lighting;Renovation of Schools;Private Sector Growth;food safety system;united nations agency;market economy;social progress;parliamentary committee;vulnerable group;Financial Sector;trade union;social opportunities;living standard;Macroeconomic Stability;thermal insulation;european commission;fight corruption;

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