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IDA Deputies Meeting, Paris, France March 3-4, 2010 : chairman's summary (الإنجليزية)

In this Chairperson’s Summary of IDA Deputies Meeting, Paris, France March 3-4, 2010 deputies of donor countries, joined by representatives of borrower countries and observers from other multilateral banks and agencies, met in Paris to begin discussions on the Sixteenth Replenishment of IDA resources (IDA16). Participants welcomed the first-hand accounts from the Ministers of the impact of the economic crisis on their countries and of their recovery efforts. The Minister from Haiti also spoke of the impact of the recent earthquake. The Ministers noted that IDA is an important partner in development. They highlighted its role as a source of predictable financing, global knowledge and experience, which will remain central to accelerating progress in IDA countries towards reaching the MDGs. They stressed the importance of demand-driven approaches and country leadership for increased aid effectiveness and requested IDA to intensify its efforts to strengthen country ownership and capacity, including in the area of donor coordination.


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