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Morocco - Improving public administration performance : Morocco's civil service boosts efficiency, adopts e-government (العربية)

In Morocco the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the government are working to improve public administration, making it leaner, more focused, and more efficient in the delivery of social services. Through the program, Morocco's administrative tradition is evolving from strict and bureaucratic legal compliance to a search for better performance and more effective public service. Since 2002, the government has implemented a comprehensive Public Administration Reform Support Program (PARP). To support the PARP the Bank has prepared a series of programmatic development policy loans with four medium-term objectives: a) improve government efficiency in budget management; b) improve government efficiency in human resources management; c) consolidate and control the public payroll; and d) improve service delivery and simplify public procedures through e-government. This last component was added in the second PARP series following government introduction in 2007 of e-governance as a core element of its reform agenda. The main characteristic of Bank support to the PARP has been the continuous combination of programmatic development policy loans and programmatic advisory and analytical activities. Both actions have been reinforcing each other and have provided the momentum for continuous progress. Through the loans provided under the PARP, IBRD has provided: US$100 million under the first phase, US$120 million under the second, US$100 million through the third phase, and US$100 million under the fourth.


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    Morocco - Improving public administration performance : Morocco's civil service boosts efficiency, adopts e-government

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