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Paraguay - Maternal Health and Child Development Project (الإنجليزية)

The main objective of the Maternal Health and Child Development Project is to improve the health status of the underserved Paraguayan population, particularly women and children. To achieve this objective, the project will: 1) increase the coverage, quality and efficiency of basic maternal and child health services in six underserved departments in Northeastern Paraguay; 2) increase the population's knowledge about adequate health practices; 3) pilot-test a strategy to enhance early child development in Asuncion; and 4) strengthen management capability in support of an eventual decentralization of a public health services in project areas. It is expected that the project will: (a) increase the coverage and quality of institutional deliveries; (b) improve the safety of home deliveries; (c) improve the detection, transport and treatment of obstetric complications; (d) improve access to reproductive health services and information; (e) improve immunization coverage; (f) reduce the incidence of acute respiratory infections and diarrheal disease; (g) improve children's schooling readiness; and (h) increase community involvement in both health and child development activities. The components of the project are as follows: 1) maternal and child health care, including: (i) rehabilitation and maintenance of infrastructure and equipment; (ii) pharmaceuticals and medical supplies; (iii) information, education and communication; and (iv) training; 2) early child development pilot; and 3) strengthening management for the decentralization of health services in project areas.


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