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Accelerating progress on gender mainstreaming and gender related MDGs : progress report (الإنجليزية)

Gender inequality is manifestly unfair. It is also bad economics: under-investing in women puts a brake on poverty reduction and limits economic and social development. Gender equality is a longer-term driver of competitiveness and equity that is even more important in an increasingly globalized world. No country can afford to fall behind because it is failing to enable women and men to participate equally in the economy and society. This paper focuses specifically on performance on monitorable actions under Sixteen International Development Association or IDA16. Readers interested in a fuller update should refer to the 2012 Update on Implementation of the Gender Equality Agenda at the World Bank Group. The update provides an overview of the implementation of the gender agenda over the last year, highlights key areas of progress and constraints in implementing the strategic directions for the World Bank's work on gender equality, and lays out the priorities to be tackled in moving forward in all countries, International Development Association (IDA) and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).


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