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Report from the Executive Directors of the International Development Association (IDA) to the Board of Governors : additions to IDA resources - sixteenth replenishment - delivering development results (الإنجليزية)

The sixteenth replenishment of the International Development Association (IDA) took place at a critical time for IDA countries and the international community. First, there are only five years until 2015 - the target date for reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - and IDA recipients' longer term growth and progress towards reaching the MDGs have been negatively affected by the impact of the recent food, fuel, and global economic crises. Second, many donors are facing significant fiscal challenges that require adjustments in their domestic and international programs, including in Official Development Assistance (ODA). Third, the recent voice reform provides the foundations for a global compact where all parties will do their part: traditional donors, new and emerging donors, IDA graduates and IDA blend countries, and the World Bank Group. Fourth, IDA recipient countries continue to remain central to the achievement of results. IDA has been broadening its donor membership, a clear indication of the commitment of the international community to support the lowest income countries in achieving the MDGs and sustained improvements in their standards of living. In addition, IDA management has offered to organize periodic IDA for a at the margins of the spring and annual meetings that will provide a further opportunity to debate development issues.


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    Report from the Executive Directors of the International Development Association (IDA) to the Board of Governors : additions to IDA resources - sixteenth replenishment - delivering development results

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    fragile and conflict;Analytical and Advisory Activities;poverty and social impact analysis;access to safe drinking water;information and communication;Fragile and Conflict Affected States;Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise;Climate Adaptation and Mitigation;climate co-benefits;access to basic service;Access to Information Policy;access to reproductive health;effect of climate change;Primary and Secondary Education;information and communication technology;global economic crisis;access to finance;standard of living;human development indicator;collaboration with partners;long term growth;foreign direct investment;global economic recovery;effective service delivery;domestic resource mobilization;climate change adaptation;package of policy;per capita allocation;land and water;consumer price index;financial information infrastructure;management of resources;sources of assistance;quality of teaching;improved sanitation facilities;improved water source;fund for health;access to technology;increase in debt;Government Procurement System;quality of job;eliminating gender disparity;management of risk;long term investment;core sector indicator;global financial crisis;public service delivery;jobs and development;labor market demand;governance and institutions;support for investment;barrier to entry;Public Sector Governance;Rural Investment Climate;risk and vulnerability;Trust Fund Policies;Health System Strengthening;universal primary completion;global trade negotiations;areas of health;international development institution;social and environmental;private public partnership;short-term job creation;climate change mitigation;international financial institution;socially sustainable development;middle-income developing countries;risk sharing mechanisms;cost of debt;Development Policy Lending;source of funding;universal primary education;empowerment of woman;total fertility rate;achieving gender parity;global public good;policy and institution;Special Drawing Right;concentration of poverty;reduction in poverty;promoting gender equity;climate sensitive sectors;climate change vulnerability;fast economic growth;affected country;international community;organizational effectiveness;recipient countries;

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