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Tajikistan - Review of Rogun HEP Assessment Process Project : resettlement plan (Vol. 2) : Resettlement action plan for stage one (الإنجليزية)

The objective of the Review of Rogun HEP Assessment Process Project for Tajikistan is to establish a basis on which the formulation of a program of retro-active support and/or compensation payments will be based and therefore will provide a basis to ensure that entitlements under the projects’ Resettlement Action Plan (2014) are applied to those affected. Negative impacts include: loss of trees and crops, loss of land acquisition, loss of house, loss of income, loss of asset, and loss of livelihood. Mitigation measures include: fruit tree compensation will be per tree based on the average annual harvest per tree for the number of years until harvest will be replaced by new trees planted at the new site, and the average market price of the fruit; land should be equivalent to the land taken due to productivity, location, and other factors, and should be acceptable to the project affected persons, or PAPs; vulnerable groups will be entitled to assistance in constructing their new houses, their compensation funds will be channeled to the jamoat which will manage the construction of the house; the livelihood restoration plan and ensuing activities will pay particular attention to the needs of vulnerable households; and infrastructure in the new villages will be built ahead of the relocation. This infrastructure (electricity, water supply, heath services, school) should be functional when the PAPs relocate to the new site.

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    Resettlement action plan for stage one

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    environmental and social assessment study;Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building;Land Acquisition and Resettlement;access to drinking water;access to basic service;Environment and Social Development;construction site;average monthly income;standard of living;national resettlement policy;international good practice;alternative livelihood development;sources of water;loss of income;domestic water supply;disposal of garbage;delivery of water;grievance redress mechanism;cost of transport;land use right;son or daughter;construction of houses;data collection effort;water and electricity;agriculture and livestock;service and infrastructure;income and expenditure;level of employment;house plot;dam site;field work;pasture land;affected villages;house construction;vulnerable group;grievance procedure;resettlement activities;replacement cost;legal counsel;reservoir area;construction area;resettlement assistance;resettlement process;Host Communities;cultural infrastructure;medical facility;high dam;agricultural production;asset inventory;adult population;snow cover;Health Service;built structure;resettlement sites;affected districts;host population;displaced person;annual precipitation;public consultation;involuntary resettlement;reservoir filling;confidential nature;married couple;fruit tree;air temperature;construction work;housing construction;housing infrastructure;construction time;water tower;socio-economic status;baseline study;domestic fuel;school building;nut tree;restoration program;wild plant;personal consumption;average household;transport capacity;vulnerable person;livestock breeding;Civil War;compensation amount;internal monitoring;outcome monitoring;monitoring process;grievance mechanism;national regulation;gender issue;agricultural economy;winter temperature;mountainous area;site visits;movable asset;project impact;national legislation;continuous process;civil code;consultation meeting;local consultation;land code;state power;employment rate;Mental disabilities;extended family;marital status;university student;household head;monthly expenditure;sea level;human rights;education level;water source;Fixed Assets;frequency distribution;natural springs;Safeguard Policies;sacred sites;migrant worker;farm land;family gardens;Livestock Husbandry;survey results;garbage collection;sanitation facility;health facility;education facility;social status;installed capacity;cultural site;transfer tax;agricultural crop;project sponsor;building material;socio-economic survey;safeguard policy;market cost;Leave Bank;mountain range;restoration activities;steep slope;cut off;manual labor;food crop;clear definition;land compensation;family composition;community consultation;cash allowances;moving expense;organizational arrangement;civil works;local population;political entity;legal procedure;project approval;male population;transition period;reasonable estimate;perennial crop;moveable asset;household plot;access road;special situation;resettlement cost;construction activities;outreach activity;agricultural land;burial site;exclusive use;basic infrastructure;

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