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Two years after resumption of Togo - World Bank partnership, development results are evident (الإنجليزية)

This Results Profile talks about poverty reduction in Togo. World Bank approved an Interim Strategy Note (ISN) allowing the Bank to reengage and resume its financial cooperation with Togo. The approval came after a six-year suspension of disbursements following an accumulation of overdue debt service payments. All the projects and programs included in the ISN framework and financed entirely with Bank grants have been launched. The supported reforms helped to improve economic governance and transparency in certain public enterprises like cotton, phosphates, and to ensure more efficient management of public finances. The government has been able to set up systems to facilitate more effective and efficient use of public resources in order to bolster the country’s economic and social recovery, and create a framework for the consolidation and strengthening of the financial and banking sector. These reforms have also helped to strengthen budget preparation and improve its execution, together with auditing and public procurement procedures. World Bank deployed resources to finance infrastructure rehabilitation. The World Bank has also financed a Community Development Project, with the objective of helping reduce poverty in poor communities, especially in rural areas. The Bank and the government had managed to lift the suspension by settling debt arrears and have launched several activities in the fields of budgetary support, improvement of urban infrastructures, community development, agriculture, and reform of key sectors of the economy. The reform program, the improvement of economic governance, and the mobilization of the whole population will continue for the sake of the well-being and prosperity of Togo.


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