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Nepal - Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Project (الإنجليزية)

The development objective of the Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Project for Nepal is to restore affected houses with multi-hazard resistant core housing units in targeted areas and to enhance the government's ability to improve long term disaster resilience. The project comprises of four components. The first component, housing reconstruction will finance: (a) the provision of housing grants for reconstruction of approximately 55,000 multi-hazard resilient core housing units; and (b) the establishment of a program of owner-driven housing reconstruction in targeted areas. The second component, disaster risk management systems objective is to support the Government of Nepal (GoN) in putting in place systems to provide better disaster risk reduction, preparedness, and disaster response, in line with global best practices. The third component, project implementation support will finance the establishment and operation of the project management unit (PMU), the project implementing units (PIUs), and the district-level PIUs (DL-PIUs). The fourth component, contingency emergency response will draw resources from the unallocated expenditure category and or allow the GoN to request the Bank to re-categorize and reallocate financing from other project components to partially cover emergency response and recovery costs.


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