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Progress report on IDA12 implementation (الإنجليزية)

This Progress Report is an update of the Interim Report on IDA12 Implementation and IDA12 Policy Matrix, submitted to the IDA Deputies during the IDA12 Mid-Term Review Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, in June 2000. The Deputies reviewed the implementation progress of the IDA12 Replenishment Agreement and noted that conclusive judgments could not be made at that early stage. While implementation was closely following the guidelines laid down in the Agreement, there were specific areas of concern where progress was deemed insufficient. The purpose of this paper is to take stock of progress since then, to report on specific actions recommended at that meeting, to set out the progress thus far on the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) process and to provide an update on IDA12 lending. Overall, substantial progress has been achieved in implementing the IDA12 Replenishment Commitments. IDA has intensified its focus on poverty reduction and has refined its instruments of assistance within the context of the Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF) and to take account of the PRSP process. During the first half of IDA12, the Board had considered a total of 26 country interim PRSPs and three full PRSPs. During this period, IDA continued to invest in basic social services, and its lending to social sectors has accounted for 46 percent of total investment lending, slightly above the threshold of 40 percent recommended by the Replenishment Agreement for the entire IDA12 period (FY00-02). Lending commitments were, however, below expectations in FY00.


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    Progress report on IDA12 implementation

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