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Private capital flows to developing countries : the road to financial integration - summary (الإنجليزية)

This is a summary of the book, "Private Capital Flows to Developing Countries: the Road to Financial Integration," exploring the nature of the changes leading to the integration of developing countries in world financial markets, and analyzing the process of international financial integration and the structural forces driving private capital to developing countries. Against this background, the book details the potential benefits of integration and the implications of fast-moving global capital flows for emerging economies. It examines the experiences of countries that have attracted substantial private capital flows, including analyzing the policy challenges these countries face in attracting and managing private capital flows, to provide guidance as to what works and what does not during the transition to financial integration. The book also presents specific recommendations and warnings on regulatory design that may be useful to developing countries as they seek to maximize the positive contribution of capital inflows while minimizing their potentially disruptive effects.


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