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IDA in Asia (الإنجليزية)

IDA has played a pivotal role in poverty alleviation and has been one of the largest concessional lenders to Asia, contributing to growth and development. IDA's long term strategy of assistance for poverty reduction in South Asia centers around: the need for sound economic policies; the importance of institutional development; and a holistic approach to address multidimensional poverty. IDA's assistance strategy in East Asia has been revised in the aftermath of the crisis to focus on financial and corporate reform; public sector performance and governance; and social protection, with continuing emphasis on prudent macroeconomic management. In the Pacific Islands, IDA supports country-led reform programs, in coordination with other regional and bilateral development partners. The report reviews IDA's lending commitments and disbursements and the status of portfolio, and provides examples of IDA's interventions in the SAR and EAP regions over the past decade. Asia has received over 45 percent of IDA's total lending commitment and disbursement, and has maintained a high quality portfolio during the last decade. In the aftermath of the East Asian financial crisis, IDA stepped-up its support to economic governance through strengthening public sector performance and economic management, and financial and corporate restructuring. Over the coming years, IDA's support to Asia will be enhanced with increased efforts to improve the quality of its products and services, to ensure broader participation of stakeholders in operations and to work more closely with partners.


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