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Monthly Operational Summary of Bank and IDA Proposed Projects (as of July 31, 1975) (الإنجليزية)

The Bank established a specific policy and procedures for environmental assessment and related environmental analyses of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) ) and International Development Association (IDA) lending operations. Under this environmental assessment process, the type, timing, and main issues of environmental analysis to be performed by the borrower are to be confirmed at the time that a given lending operation is initiated into the Banks prospective lending program and thereafter reported and updated on a quarterly basis in the monthly operational summary. This report focuses on the monthly operational summary of Bank as of July 1975.


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    Monthly Operational Summary of Bank and IDA Proposed Projects (as of July 31, 1975)

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    saving and loan association; small and medium enterprise development; project costing; foreign exchange; integrated rural development; urban development; national irrigation system; school drop-outs; road and highway maintenance; preparation of bidding documents; water supply development; improvement of water supply; Irrigation and Drainage Canals; Vocational and Technical Training; Primary and Secondary Education; national power corporation; sewerage board; rural access road program; transmission and distribution network; rural water supply facilities; city water supply; Agriculture; water supply system; foreign exchange requirement; interest during construction; flood protection work; sites and services; long term credit; agriculture and industry; hydroelectric power plant; provision of credit; food crop production; inland water transport; vocational training center; completion of appraisal; rural primary school; primary teacher training; construction of road; provision of equipment; rural road construction; equipment and supply; technical cooperation program; exploitation of resource; information and communication; adult vocational training; rural extension service; improvement of education; kv transmission line; agricultural secondary school; improvement of road; construction and rehabilitation; production of cotton; urban sewerage; bus priority lane; water and sewerage; agricultural bank; flat steel mill; water supply source; road improvement works; road and bridges; maintenance of road; essential social services; domestic water supply; land use planning; potable water supply; acres of land; qualification of contractor; water supply works; production of maize; phosphate rock mining; agricultural credit bank; child health care; long distance service; rural teacher training; oil palm plantations; soil conservation technique; waste collection vehicle; control of weed; Post and Telecom; air navigation aid; Health and Population; cost of import; water development board; private shipping companies; common grazing land; milk collection facility; long term loan; community water system; water treatment plant; appraisal mission; preparation mission; retroactive financing; civil works; rural area; land settlement; parallel financing; Industrial Estate; preinvestment study; inland fishery; flood control; small farmer; national highway; maintenance equipment; port facility; first stage; distribution facility; transmission facility; farm mechanization; storage facility; farm input; marketing facility; agricultural input; scale enterprise; preparatory work; sugar production; coffee production; transport planning; Consulting services; project finance; road maintenance; investment program; nucleus estates; Natural Resources; small industry; port expansion; provincial road; engineering service; rice production; water distribution; port authority; credit line; small-scale enterprise; sewerage system; management education; financing plan; Financing plans; irrigation scheme; cultural site; major port; Agricultural Extension; agricultural sector; Public Transport; dairy farm; government decision; paper production; finance company; forest region; date palm; roads use; bridge construction; irrigation works; residential area; bilateral agency; concentration area; rolling stock; commercial building; pavement strengthening; water pollution; household connection; nutrition program; small-scale industry; Health Service; agricultural education; rail car; housing authority; agricultural diversification; agricultural settlement; slum upgrading; improved health; small pump; agricultural process; rehabilitation program; income household; forest land; construction industry; import financing; Power Generation; new vessel; pumping system; flood plain; farm credit; soil improvement; national training; foreign expenditure; credit program; urban sector; small loan; irrigation land; monitoring procedure; education mission; hard wood; watershed areas; road length

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