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Samoa - Enhanced Road Access Project : environmental assessment : Social impact assessment for vaitele street (الإنجليزية)

The development objective of the Enhanced Road Access Project is to restore key road sector assets damaged by extreme weather events and enhance the climate resilience of critical roads and bridges in Samoa. Some of the negative impacts include: land, road reserve ,compensation, impact on grave, drainage easements , need for the widening, pedestrian safety,traffic speed or increased danger, effect on village pool, drainage, impact of road works, area of land requiredfor the road, should hedges continue to be planted, pedestrian safety. Some of the mitigation measures include: (i) Pedestrian crossings away from the traffic lights are provided at the Vaiusu Primary School and close to other churches and community facilities; (ii) footpaths are provided on both sides of the roadway along most of the length of the project; (iii) bus stops are provided for off the main traffic lanes to provide a safe environment for passengers to get on and off the buses; (iv) car parking provided off the main traffic lanes will allow people to access local shops and businesses safely; (v) drainage easements will allow the land owners to retain ownership of the land will allowing the drains to be maintained; (vi) fences and hedges are to be replaced on the new road boundary. No other buildings are required to be removed or relocated.


  • المؤلف

    Baratha Raj,Kanya Hilary

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    تقييم بيئي

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    شرق آسيا والمحيط الهادئ,

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    Social impact assessment for vaitele street

  • كلمة أساسية

    bus stop;location of bus stop;Personal and Property Rights;pedestrian crossing;flow of water;movement of people;traffic and pedestrian;travel to work;improved water quality;amount of traffic;significant adverse impact;safety for pedestrian;high speed vehicle;community of interest;industrial land use;combination of information;local area;social impact;social environment;social effect;road work;Traffic Lights;census data;social consequence;road alignment;drainage improvement;land owner;property owner;surface water;parking space;stakeholder consultation;study area;traffic lane;rural area;small area;community cohesion;efficient route;safe traffic;road environment;road safety;car parking;pedestrian access;residential area;private land;water flow;community activity;management framework;food stores;social issue;village meeting;assessment area;project impact;affected villages;Residential Neighborhood;rural setting;environmental perspective;cultural impact;cultural value;information gathering;drainage infrastructure;previous work;community consultation;specific issue;population trend;demographic composition;geographical region;designated road;road design;drainage system;industrial area;housing census;arterial route;civil liberty;social change;adjacent land;slow traffic;single source;pedestrian refuge;vehicle movement;community facility;safe environment;community structure;improving productivity;road closure;Public Transportation;commercial areas;traffic speed;heavy rainfall;surface area;drainage channel;rainfall event;flood area;green space;shade tree;bus shelter;mature trees;large trees;vulnerable group;Political Systems;safety feature;construction impact;church land;stone wall;

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