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How is tax policy conducted over the business cycle (الإنجليزية)

It is well known by now that government spending has typically been procyclical in developing economies but a cyclical or countercyclical in industrial countries. Little, if any, is known, however, about the cyclical behavior of tax rates (as opposed to tax revenues, which are endogenous to the business cycle and hence cannot shed light on the cyclicality of tax policy). The authors build a novel dataset on tax rates for 62 countries for the period 1960-2013 that comprises corporate income, personal income, and value-added tax rates. The authors find that, by and large, tax policy is a cyclical in industrial countries but mostly procyclical in developing countries. Further, tax policy in countries with better institutions and or more integrated with world capital markets tends to be less procyclical or more countercyclical.


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    Vegh Gramont,Carlos Alberto, Vuletin,Guillermo Javier

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    مقال بمجلة علمية

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    How is tax policy conducted over the business cycle?

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