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Trends in educational computing : decreasing interest and the changing focus of instruction (الإنجليزية)

This article presents a rationale for changing the current emphasis of precollege computer courses. It suggests that as an interim approach, to be used before computers are integrated effectively across the curriculum, computer courses should deemphasize BASIC programming skills and instead focus on teaching applications software skills. The report reviews the research evidence regarding the quality of computer literacy courses, and discusses the parallel cognitive and affective consequences of programmming and applications software.


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    Lockheed, Marlaine Mandinach, Ellen B.

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    مقال بمجلة علمية

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    Trends in educational computing : decreasing interest and the changing focus of instruction

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    research need;access to computer;literacy course;sources of inequity;center for education;secondary school teacher;use of computers;national science board;junior high school;sociology of education;high school student;rise and fall;high school senior;college board;computer course;computer science;application software;cognitive skill;college level;programming language;affective response;autonomous learning;language feature;data processing;doctoral dissertation;sex difference;future research;school level;computer literate;entrance examination;basic knowledge;learning activity;physical resources;educational level;subject area;traditional pattern;instructional media;computer instruction;middle school;education statistic;project goals;federal republic;research agenda;instructional purpose;social effect;programming instruction;empirical evidence;technology center;graduate school;computer laboratory;formal system;minority participation;data manipulation;national survey;college education;elementary school;student access;instructional program;student interest;primary source;logistical difficulties;physical education;home economics;problem-solving skill;social studies;computer programming;research program;individual difference;national institute;equitable use;social study;

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