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Demographic factors and the distribution of income : some issues (الإنجليزية)

Data concerning the relationship between demographic factors and income distribution are reviewed. Application of the Kuznets curve to the data, as well as to fertility information, suggests that the inequility of income and consumption in the developing countries will increase in the next decade. However, with the proper mix of policies the aspirations for greater equality could be achieved. One source of optimism is that such policies could contribute to greater equality of income distribution by the reduction in the differentials in school enrollment ratios found in the data for India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. The elimination of differentials in school enrollment rates should be a goal of public policy. In addition, such policies as land reform, progressive taxation, and provision of equality of opportunity will help achieve a reduction in the disparities in consumption and income. Economic tables, the conceptual framework of the data on expenditures and incomes and data on indices of inequality, changes in household prosperity, estimation of adult equivalents are included.


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