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Gaza and West Bank - Real Estate Registration Project (الإنجليزية)

The development objective of the Real Estate Registration Project for Gaza and West Bank is to enhance tenure security and improve real estate registration services. The project comprises of three components. First component, Systematic Land and Property Registration is to support the PA in its plan to complete systematic land registration (SLR) across the Palestinian territories over a four-year period through a results-based payments approach; It has four sub-components. i) Systematic Land Registration, ii) Gender Action Plan, iii) Training, Capacity Building, and TA, and iv) Development of Automated Processes in SLR; Second component, Institutional Modernization of the PLA will be implemented by the PLA and will build its technical capacity and support its transformation into a modern, service-oriented organization that provides e-services to government, businesses, and citizens; It has three sub-components. i) Automation of PLA Functions, ii) Palestinian Geodetic Reference Framework, and iii) Property Valuation; Third component, Project Management and Outreach will support: (a) the provision of support for the development and implementation of project management functions in the Palestine Land Authority (PLA) and Land Water and Settlement Commission (LWSC), including monitoring and evaluation activities, project audit, the Social Impact Assessment (SIA), mid-term and final project evaluations, and any additional staff needs for project management; and (b) provision of support for the carrying out of (i) customer surveys conducted biannually to monitor customer satisfaction and provide a venue for citizen engagement, and (ii) the development and implementation of a public awareness campaign to increase citizen participation, with a focus on women and marginal groups, in line with the gender action plan.

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