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Morocco - Reforms promote sustainability and greater access to piped water and sewage services : Maroc - Les réformes favorisent une gestion durable et un meilleur accès à l'eau courante et aux services d'évacuation des eaux usées (الفرنسية)

This Result Profile talks about managing water in Morocco. Scarce and unevenly distributed rainfall has made water a key economic and social development issue. The country faced challenges in managing and using its water resources more sustainably, as well as in developing equitable and efficient water supply and sanitation services. Morocco Water Sector development policy loan supported comprehensive water reform in Morocco to address legislative, institutional, financing, and planning gaps, and inefficiencies in Morocco’s water sector investments were designed to build infrastructure while supporting implementation of new policies by central and decentralized agencies on the conservation, rural water supply, peri-urban service development and urban sanitation. The government has also placed new emphasis on water management policies, including development of new alternatives, such as desalination and water reuse.


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