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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary Lao PDR Priority Skills for Growth (P172774) (الإنجليزية)


  • المؤلف

    Borrowing Agency

  • تاريخ الوثيقة


  • نوع الوثيقة

    Environmental and Social Assessment

  • مجلد رقم


  • البلد

    جمهورية لاو الديمقراطية الشعبية,

  • المنطقة

    شرق آسيا والمحيط الهادئ,

  • تاريخ الإفصاح


  • حالة الافصاح


  • اسم الوثيقة

    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary Lao PDR Priority Skills for Growth (P172774)

  • كلمة أساسية

    sustainable management; Environmental and Social Review Summary; Occupational health and safety; Land Acquisition and Resettlement; labor market information system; access to labor market; health and safety risk; efficient use of energy; efficient use of water; worker health and safety; active labor market program; finance activity; project design and implementation; Risks and Mitigation Measures; civil works; wage subsidy program; people with disability; skill training programs; effective skills training; grievance redress mechanism; road safety issue; construction and operation; quality and relevance; labor market entrant; health care facility; implementation of mitigation; first aid kit; improving teaching quality; capacity building plan; prevention of transmission; health care facilities; health and environment; control of pollution; safety at work; consultation of stakeholders; asbestos-containing materials; hours of operation; facilities and buildings; direct financial support; finance rehabilitation; risk management tool; risk of exclusion; safety of worker; intangible cultural heritage; quality of students; private sector entrepreneur; Social Risk Rating; skill train program; gender sensitive approach; good environmental management; ethnic group; skill development; job center; Waste Management; monitoring arrangement; Wage Subsidies; labor influx; employment term; job opportunity; job opportunities; target beneficiary; economic sector; digital skills; entrepreneurship training; air emission; construction site; working condition; project finance; Infectious Disease; environmental conservation; employment opportunity; employment opportunities; selection criterion; security personnel; virtual reality; donor finance; raw material; affected communities; environmental risk; stakeholder engagement; young graduate; transparent process; unequal access; water use; job mobility; construction waste; Job Matching; construction material; informal sector; job training; wage level; good governance; core sector; construction machinery; construction activities; new market; future labor; practical training; general assessment; social screening; sexual harassment; direct beneficiaries; transparent mechanism; stakeholder consultation; remote village; Traffic Safety; community workers; construction support; financial resource; poor household; vehicle movement; pollution control; staff employment; employee selection; home village; other development; construction company; social exclusion; used oil; financial intermediaries; local regulation; remote location; borrower's commitment; Digital Literacy; education investment; nonhazardous waste; water pollution; asbestos material; adequate resources; Social Protection; physical characteristic; young people; Project Monitoring; ethnic category; energy usage; employer participation; career counselling; project impact; local contractor; operational procedure; stakeholder participation; class room; safety gloves; job placement; Eye Glasses; basic hygiene; noise level; public fund; female trainee; project effectiveness; land use; train activity; adequate capacity; village levels; inequitable access; dust suppression; government worker; further training; development partner; local presence; awareness raising; grievance mechanism; state land; construction work; international ngos; old buildings; commonly known; english language; local ngo; land parcel; pollution prevention; graduate employment

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