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Nigeria - Erosion and Watershed Management Project : resettlement plan : Resettlement action plan report for Enugwu-Ukwu (الإنجليزية)

The objective of the Erosion and Watershed Management Project is to improve erosion management and gully rehabilitation; increase incomes for rural households from improved agricultural and forest practices through the use of conservation agriculture, agroforestry, natural regeneration, etc.; and gain efficiency in public administration and public spending through improved knowledge base, analytical tools, multi-sectoral coordination and stakeholder dialogue. Negative impacts include: loss of land, loss of income, loss of economic trees, loss of crops, and loss of livelihood. Mitigation measures include: in respect of the land, an amount equal to the rent, if any, paid by the occupier during the year in which the right of occupancy was revoked. in respect of the building, installation or improvements therein, for the amount of the replacement cost of the building, installation or improvements to be assessed on the basis of prescribed method of assessment as determined by the appropriate officer less any depreciation, together with interest at the bank rate for delayed payment of compensation. With regards to reclamation works, the quantum of compensation is such cost as may be substantiated by documentary evidence and proof to the satisfaction of the appropriate officer. in respect of crops on land, the quantum of compensation is an amount equal to the value as prescribed and determined by the appropriate officer. Where the right of occupancy revoked is in respect of a part of a larger portion of land, compensation shall be computed in respect of the whole land for an amount equal in rent, if any, paid by the occupier during the year in which the right of occupancy was revoked less a proportionate amount calculated in relation to the area not affected by the revocation; and any interest payable shall be assessed and computed in the like manner. Where there is any building installation or improvement or crops on the portion revoked, the quantum of compensation shall follow as outlined above and any interest payable shall be computed in like manner.


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    Okonkwo,Regina Uchenna

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    خطة إعادة التوطين

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    Resettlement action plan report for Enugwu-Ukwu

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