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Grants in IDA13 summarizing the options (الإنجليزية)

This note has recapitulated a range of issues on grants currently under discussion among donors, with estimates of financing needs updated on the basis of IDA's current projections. As noted earlier, the grant estimates provided are indicative, and actual resource allocation in IDA13 will depend on a number of factors. Grants could also be made available to borrowers as a possible option, in lieu of credits. In that instance, there would be no special need to specify a share of grants in IDA in advance -borrowers would choose the instrument best suited to their needs, at no additional cost to IDA or its donors. Some donors have also suggested that it would be useful to take a gradualist approach, in which IDA13 could earmark a relatively modest amount of IDA resources specifically for grants, and also provide some degree of choice to borrowers in their access to grants. On the basis of experience with grants gained in IDA13, a more comprehensive approach could be adopted in IDA14 and subsequent replenishments.


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