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Macedonia - Regional and Local Roads Program Support Project (الإنجليزية)


  • المؤلف

    IEG Review Team

  • تاريخ الوثيقة


  • نوع الوثيقة

    استعراض تقارير إنجاز تنفيذ المشروع

  • رقم التقرير


  • مجلد رقم


  • عدد المجلدات


  • البلد

    North Macedonia, جمهورية مقدونيا يوغوسلافية السابقة

  • المنطقة

    أوروبا وآسيا الوسطى,

  • تاريخ الإفصاح


  • حالة الافصاح


  • اسم الوثيقة

    Macedonia - Regional and Local Roads Program Support Project

  • كلمة أساسية

    regional road;borrower performance;access to health care;installation of traffic sign;Government Performance;preparation of bidding documents;capacity for investment;cost of access;road safety;maintenance of road;vehicle operating cost;capacity for road;global financial crisis;lack of road;types of beneficiaries;provision of finance;road safety activity;road sector reform;cost of road;management of road;road safety improvement;project completion date;european central bank;project datum;data collection method;road safety issue;project performance indicator;investment in road;source of funding;asset management system;number of beneficiaries;road marking;road work;project costing;civil works;road sign;road maintenance;safe access;safety measure;discount rate;investment planning;participatory approach;legal successor;fiduciary arrangement;heavy rainfall;sensitivity analysis;project's achievements;outcome targets;fiscal condition;accounting treatment;quantitative evidence;safe road;qualified opinion;Exchange Rates;beneficiary survey;government's capacity;unpaved road;financial resource;road infrastructure;fiscal constraint;living standard;construction supervision;investment choice;database management;road condition;utility infrastructure;main transport;highway network;core road;budget allocation;participation process;solid analysis;institutional analysis;consultation process;municipal participation;insufficient information;Advisory services;public road;intermediate outcome;safeguard mechanism;baseline data;managerial autonomy;Tax Exemption;results framework;management mechanism;monitoring indicator;front-end fee;consultative process;risk assessment;environmental compliance;loan disbursement;sectoral reform;construction material;

تنزيل الملفات

تقرير كامل

نسخة رسمية من الوثيقة (قد تضم توقيعات، الخ)