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Additional Financing Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) - Gabon COVID-19 Additional Financing - P176464 (الإنجليزية)


  • المؤلف

    Borrowing Agency

  • تاريخ الوثيقة


  • نوع الوثيقة

    Environmental and Social Commitment Plan

  • مجلد رقم


  • البلد


  • المنطقة

    Africa West,

  • تاريخ الإفصاح


  • حالة الافصاح


  • اسم الوثيقة

    Additional Financing Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) - Gabon COVID-19 Additional Financing - P176464

  • كلمة أساسية

    Gender-Based Violence; Free, Prior and Informed Consent; Environmental and Social Management Plan; Occupational health and safety; capacities in support; Environmental and Social Monitor; community health and safety; labor and employment law; Environmental and Social Performance; Infection Prevention and Control; use of security; principle of proportionality; rules of conduct; international good practice; use of force; rna extraction kit; hazardous materials management; pollution prevention; legislation in force; Management of Pollution; exchange of letter; changes in risk; code of conduct; Sexually Transmitted Disease; conditions of employment; safe working environment; negative social impacts; grievance mechanism; sexual harassment; security personnel; land acquisition; regulatory provision; eye protection; Health Workers; biomedical waste; security forces; applicable law; procurement documents; laboratory personnel; Cultural Heritage; local population; unforeseen circumstance; forced labor; cold chain; social audit; stakeholder engagement; Equal Opportunity; vulnerable individual; laboratory diagnosis; cultural need; environmental specialist; working condition; indigenous people; Indigenous Peoples; rational use; Waste Management; evaluation process; development partner; procurement process; assessment process; Social Assessment; affected communities; institutional framework; public consultation; community engagement; management companies; redress mechanism; contract worker; child labor; Resource Efficiency; employment condition; national legislation; sick leave; annual leave; weekly rest; natural habitat; environmental code; patient treatment; population exposure; disposal service; waste collection; labor management; social requirement; management procedure; prevalence data; supply base; emergency service; Social Conflict; safety performance; land use; communication process; serious consequences; involuntary resettlement; Child protection; incident reports; stakeholder mobilization; personnel training; health consequence; adaptive management; national environmental; Natural Resources; stakeholder consultation; account activities; performance result; Health Service; procurement management; financial intermediaries; Project Monitoring; mitigation measure; affected persons; financing activities; abusive behavior; excessive use; social framework; clinical management; Risk Awareness; diagnostic kit; health facility; vaccination program; organizational structure; regular training; project effectiveness; skill upgrading; safeguard specialist

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