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Kosovo - Public Sector Modernization Project (الإنجليزية)

Ratings for the Public Sector Modernization Project for Kosovo were as follows: outcomes were moderately satisfactory, risk to development outcome was substantial, Bank performance was moderately satisfactory, and Borrower performance was moderately satisfactory. Some lessons learned included: the design of projects implemented in complex institutional environments with low client capacity should be simpler and less ambitious. A project series approach can be effective in such environments as the standard timeframe of a stand-alone Bank financed project is often too short to assure the achievement of sustainable results. In case there are multiple implementing institutions, it is important to have focal points in each one of them at the appropriate level to drive implementation and ensure coordination between the different institutions and strengthen ownership. Project design should be informed by thorough stakeholder assessment and political economy analysis. Such an analysis can help project teams be more realistic about the complexity of the envisaged reforms and the likelihood of achieving planned project objectives. Disaster recovery arrangements should be an integral part of investments in data infrastructure. The project delivered most of its technical assistance (TA) activities through international experts which was highly appreciated by the beneficiary institutions. Collaboration with other development partners, notably the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union (EU) was crucial for the success of some of the reforms supported by the project. Results frameworks should include only those indicators for which a plausible connection between project activities and results can be made. There is a need for continuous training of key project staff and staff from beneficiary institutions on World Bank procedures and handling of complex procurements, especially in low capacity environments like Kosovo.


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