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In Russia - Making progress against tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS : Faire progresser la lutte contre la tuberculose et le VIH/SIDA en Russie (الفرنسية)

This Results Profile talks about making progress against tuberculosis (TB) and HIV and AIDS in Russia. Russian men and women had a combined life expectancy of 66, about 14 years below the life expectancy of those in the European Union. High mortality and morbidity rates were caused primarily by non-communicable diseases like heart disease, strokes, cancer, and injuries from road traffic crashes. At the same time, since the early 1990s, factors including poverty, under-funding of health services, and technical inadequacies have also contributed to Russia having one of the highest rates of TB in the world. This has been aggravated by the spread of multi-drug resistant TB and HIV and AIDS. Since 2003, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) has financed projects in the health sector in Russia. A TB and AIDS Control Project developed policies and guidelines in line with international standards for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with TB and HIV, targeting both civilians and prisoners. By the end of 2008 overall implementation of the TB and AIDS Control Project resulted in increasing coverage of TB patients by bacteriological tests up to 95 percent. A health reform project tested new approaches to restructuring the organization of health service delivery. Health service improvements contributed to decreased infant mortality rates and increased life expectancy of the population.


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    Faire progresser la lutte contre la tuberculose et le VIH/SIDA en Russie

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    Health Service Delivery;Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;life expectancy;aid control;leading cause of death;agency for international development;Cardiovascular Disease;international partners;health reform;international transport;world health organization;Road Traffic Crashes;infant mortality rate;public health;hiv prevalence;delivery capacity;federal level;information poverty;heart disease;alcohol abuse;high mortality;sedentary lifestyle;institutional constraint;poor health;treatment regimen;prevalence rate;international standard;biological science;

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