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World Bank Group Boards' Calendar (الإنجليزية)

This Board report acknowledges the World Bank Group Boards' calendar for April, May and June 2020.


  • تاريخ الوثيقة


  • نوع الوثيقة

    تقرير مجلس المديرين التنفيذيين

  • رقم التقرير


  • مجلد رقم


  • عدد المجلدات


  • البلد


  • المنطقة

    مناطق العالم,

  • تاريخ الإفصاح


  • حالة الافصاح


  • اسم الوثيقة

    World Bank Group Boards' Calendar

  • كلمة أساسية

    rural water supply and sanitation; Proposed Investment; financial risk management; disaster risk management; Climate-Smart Development; Democratic Republic of Congo; committee of the whole; debt relief initiative; Social Safety Nets; Work Program and Budget; Early Childhood Development; Development Policy Financing; Development Policy Operation; Development Policy Loan; Carbon Partnership Facility; teaching learning; global value chain; trade finance program; agriculture and livestock; Deferred Drawdown Option; Basic Education; Country Program Evaluation; global economic prospect; low income states; private sector employment; urban youth employment; air transport; informal meeting; committee meeting; capital adequacy; Loan Charges; lending level; partnership framework; integrate watershed; green growth; agricultural competitiveness; unique identification; market reform; power system; sustainable landscape; financial result; administrative budget; heating sector; single borrower; Programmatic Approach; sustainable livelihood; irrigation development; social forestry; Financial Access; multimodal transport; Higher Education; institutional foundation; program development; inclusive growth; development zambia; Mineral Sector; Women Empowerment; climate adaptation; social assistance; demographic dividend; protected area; global trade; managing risk; Financing programmes; gender strategy; ceramic tile; learning improvement; investment business; currency facility; retained earnings; social inclusion

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تقرير كامل

نسخة رسمية من الوثيقة (قد تضم توقيعات، الخ)