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Statement by Angel Gurria and Erik Solheim at the 92nd meeting of the Development Committee held on October 10, 2015 (الإنجليزية)

This is a statement by Angel Gurria, and Erik Solheim, Secretary-General, OECD, and Chair of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) at the ninety second meeting of the Development Committee held on October 10, 2015. OECD countries are facing an unprecedented refugee crisis, which will have knock-on effects across sectors in many countries, and consequences for the development of both the countries from which migrants flee and in which they seek asylum. The situation requires a comprehensive and coordinated international response. Since 1972, the OECD has provided solid, evidence-based analyses of migration policy challenges. The OECD 2015 International migration outlook and the OECD settling in report highlight how immigrants and their children are integrating into OECD societies. It is important to note that the integration of migrants can have positive consequences for development in the form of remittances, the largest source of external finance for many developing countries, exceeding ODA and foreign direct investment (according to 2012 data). The OECD is well placed to contribute to global follow-up on the SDGs with its range of measurement, country assessment, peer review and peer learning mechanisms. Indeed, its data, expertise, and convening power can serve as a GPS for SDG implementation. The growing number of stakeholders active in development increases the complexity of processes and therefore the need for a navigation system that highlights what works and what doesn't work in development. The OECD exists to promote better policies for better lives. The SDGs and the 2030 agenda offer an unparalleled opportunity to fulfil this purpose, lending support on every level to these ambitious but achievable goals.


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    Gurria, Angel Solheim, Erik

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    Statement by Angel Gurria and Erik Solheim at the 92nd meeting of the Development Committee held on October 10, 2015

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