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Mauritius - Performance Learning Review of the Country Partnership Framework for the Period FY17-FY21 (الإنجليزية)


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    Country Partnership Framework

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    Africa East,

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  • اسم الوثيقة

    Mauritius - Performance Learning Review of the Country Partnership Framework for the Period FY17-FY21

  • كلمة أساسية

    Combating the Financing of Terrorism; Trade and Development Bank; small and medium enterprise; multilateral investment guarantee agency; information and communication technology; foreign direct investment; improving access to finance; efficiency of education spending; active labor market policy; last country; efficiency in public spending; Certificate of Primary Education; free movement of labor; Active Labor Market Policies; response to client demand; removal of trade barriers; analytical and advisory; public debt; social protection system; financial sector governance; recent years; public sector effectiveness; personal protective equipment; private equity fund; water sector reform; regional development policy; Poverty & Inequality; working age population; skill development; knowledge work; basic pension; state support; pension reform; Basic Education; second chance education; reallocation of resource; labor market program; pension reform effort; internal control framework; efficient resource allocation; exchange rate development; world health organization; separation of power; share of investment; Public Financial Management; social protection reform; role of state; South-South Knowledge Exchange; private sector activity; regional value chain; student learn outcome; Promoting Private Sector; lack of demand; Private Sector Growth; increase in inequality; household disposable income; absolute poverty line; negative income tax; Early Childhood Development; primary school experience; social protection expenditure; social security system; labor force participation; put pressure; social support system; renewable energy sector; waste to energy; preferential trade agreement; alternative fuel source; trade and investment; regional trade agreement; current account deficit; regional trade blocks; traditional export sector; export market share; abuse of dominance; labor market integration; comprehensive education reform; area of education; Liquid Natural Gas; investment of funds; barriers to trade; capital market development; fiscal adjustment effort; Special Purpose Vehicle; regional integration effort; access to grant; political risk insurance; financial sector supervision; foreign private investment; climate change initiatives; credit enhancement product

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