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Tanzania - Dar es Salaam Urban Transport Improvement Project : environmental assessment : Environmental and social management framework (الإنجليزية)

The development objective of the Dar es Salaam Urban Transport Improvement Project for Tanzania is to reduce delays at the Ubungo intersection, and improve the bus rapid transit operations and management capacity in Dar es Salaam city, to the benefit of all roads users. Some of the negative impacts are includes : (i) displacement of people and properties and economic activities currently on the ROW; (ii) relocation of infrastructures and disruption resulting from relocation (e.g. Water pipes); (iii) loss of vegetation through clearance to improve access; (iv) soil erosion and blockage of storm Water channels; (v) poor air quality due to emission and dust; (vi) pollution due to solid and liquid waste generation; (vii) delays in transportation; (viii) environmental pollution especially by passengers travelling by bus along the road; Some of the mitigation measures are includes : (i) structures outside the construction width but within the road reserve may be left intact during the initial stages but with time they will need to be relocated to pave way for future expansion of the roads if required; (ii) communities shall be informed in advance regarding storages of water when their utilities are about to be relocated to pave the way for road works; (iii) vegetation clearance for temporary infrastructure should be limited to the minimum. Areas cleared of vegetation should be re –vegetated to prevent soil erosion. However , plants and grasses for re-vegetation should be sourced within the project area to avoid introduction of exotic species; (iv) drainage structures should be properly installed to avoid scouring embankments with flat growing grass that will reduce erosion and enhance soil stability especially on embankments; (v) use of dust masks to operators and those working in dusty areas; (vi) use drip pans when leakage is noted on any standing machinery; (vii) prepare and install temporary traffic signs that are legible both during the day and night indicating that the road works are in progress; (viii) design a proper program for ensuring cleanness of roads e.g. sweeping and in water channels.

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