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The World Bank monthly operational summary (الإنجليزية)

The World Bank Monthly Operational Summary (MOS) reports on the status of projects as on December 2016 in the WorldBank’s pipeline from the time the operation is identifiedto the signing of the Loan, Credit, or Grant Agreement. It is a detailed accounting of the projects included in the country lending programs that are actively being prepared for implementation. The lending programs reflect the Bank’s strategy for each member country as set out in the Country Partnership Framework(CPF) presented to the Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank. On average, it takes about 13 months for the Bank to process a project from conceptto approval. After a financing agreement is signed or aproject is dropped from the program, the project entryis deleted from this summary. Each issue of the summarycontains a list of projects reported for the first time and the list of projects deleted from the current issue. Familiarity with the Bank’s project cycle, summarized in the following paragraphs, can help potential bidders identify business opportunities with Bank borrowers. Each entry in the MOS indicates at what point the operation is in the project cycle.


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