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Remarks by President Wolfowitz : China a model country (الصينية)

China has shown astonishing resolve in the last 25 years in fighting poverty, and you have great progress to show for it. With similar resolve, China can successfully work with the Bank and with other partners to overcome the remaining development challenges it faces today. The upcoming meeting of the G-20 presents a vital opportunity for China and the international community to redress the imbalances in the global economy-to create a more stable and equitable world for future generations. It is the first time that China is hosting this meeting of the G-20-and this is appropriate evidence of China's growing role as a major force in the global economy. The finance ministers come from twenty major developed and developing countries. Together represent 65 percent of the world's population and more than 75 percent of economic output. The decisions they take can make a difference for the world's poor-between a life of deprivation and suffering or a future with dignity and opportunity. And the choices you make, throughout your careers, through the next 50 years of your life, can make a big difference as well.

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    Remarks by President Wolfowitz : China a model country

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