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A framework for the promotion of construction industries in the developing countries (الإنجليزية)

The economic and institutional problems influencing the growth of construction industries in developing countries are examined. Research was conducted in Korea, Iran, Ethiopia, and Kenya. On the basis of this research, a set of guidelines for two programs designed for developing countries' domestic construction industries was prepared. Since 50 to 60 percent of gross fixed capital investment in developing countries usually goes into construction, the efficiency with which this is carried out is particularly important. The guidelines cover such areas as the qualification of contractors for development, procurement of construction work, reservation of construction work, and protection against risks. Other sections of the guidelines cover information and guidance on contracts, technical assistance and training, and financial assistance. Areas requiring further research are identified, including the technologies associated with road construction and the economic limits within which construction work can be divided to bring it within the capacity of available domestic contractors.


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