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Interest Bearing Notes (February 2021) (الإنجليزية)

Interest Bearing Notes is a product of the Finance and Private Sector Research Team in the World Bank's Development Research Group. It reports on research by the team, as well as non-World Bank research, conferences, related websites, new datasets, and other research and policy-oriented news.


  • المؤلف

    Bruhn,Miriam, Cull, Bob, Xu,L. Colin

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    رسالة إخبارية

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    مناطق العالم,

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    Interest Bearing Notes (February 2021)

  • كلمة أساسية

    Finance & Private Sector Development; treatment group; political parties; payroll accounts; political party; congressional vote; business practice; international investment; portfolio investment; macroeconomic expectation; monthly household consumption; increase in profit; human resource service; not statistically significant; consumer finance; performance of state; learning by doing; value of investment; finance and markets; foreign direct investment; field experiment; economic recovery; mobile money; consumer protection; firm growth; international reserve; business training; loan product; take-up rate; Ownership Share Type; Exchange Rates; inflation rate; large bank; smaller share; administrative datum; survey questions; business management; inventory control; Health cost; business profit; government institution; positive relationship; waiting time; intellectual capability; aggregate investment; global finance; state performance; household income; international loan; first wave; macroeconomic model; consumer behavior; macro indicators; causal link; default rate; marketing service; marketing specialist; microfinance institution; estimate impact; nation state; Fixed Assets; financial technology; garment worker; standard approach; skill need; party discipline; borrowing limit; financial integration; financial system; Investment Type; predatory practice; business asset; recent research; predatory lending; general equilibrium; web page; economic shock; party leadership

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