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Congo, Democratic Republic of - Quality and Relevance of Secondary and Tertiary Education Project : environmental assessment : cadre de gestion environnementale et sociale (الفرنسية)

The Quality and Relevance of Secondary and Tertiary Education Project of the Democratic Republic of Congo is the first phase of a broader and longer-term agenda of Government to improve the quality of education at the post-primary level. Initially the project will support the Government in developing a policy framework, focusing on improving mathematics and science and laying the groundwork for technical and vocational education. The objective of the project is to: (i) improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and science at the secondary level (core and secondary science); and (ii) enhancing the relevance of technical and vocational education in priority sectors at secondary and tertiary levels. Negative impacts of the project include: 1) reduction of vegetation cover; 2) Disturbance and degradation of the living environment during construction; 3) impacts on natural habitats. Significant negative social impacts will mainly concern the acquisition of the rehabilitation of infrastructure and the storage of materials and school facilities. An Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) will be prepared to cover the impacts of rehabilitation and renovation of secondary technical schools, including the provision of water and sanitation.


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    cadre de gestion environnementale et sociale

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