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Agro-industry profiles : cotton (الإنجليزية)

The ojective of this profile is to outline the processing of cotton and other natural fibers. Included is a discussion of the raw material, as well as the ginning, baling, spinning, and weaving stages in the manufacture of cotton textiles. Marketing aspects of the cotton industry, as well as factors concerning factory location are discussed and brief descriptions of other fibers are also provided. Annexes with conversion tables (Metric/US) and several examples of investment and operating costs are located at the end of the profile.


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    Agro-industry profiles : cotton

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    seed cotton;cotton marketing;fine particulate matter;dry growing season;increase in temperature;fruit and vegetable;effects of weather;fields of specialization;ginning outturn ratio;weights and measure;foreign agricultural service;aspect of marketing;raw material;cotton seed;exchange rate;Exchange Rates;upland cotton;moisture level;moisture content;world production;press room;annual production;administrative staff;humidification system;sector work;international cooperation;indian rupee;fire fight;administrative expense;textile industry;natural fiber;capacity utilization;cooling tower;collector system;electrical system;diesel generator;rockefeller foundation;ph level;cottonseed cake;edible oil;operational staff;cotton textile;export projections;centrifugal force;factory location;labor requirement;static electricity;weight ratio;tensile strength;caustic soda;physical property;transport equipment;hydraulic ram;civil works;dry weather;essential oil;cotton industry;soil particles;harvest time;production rate;reference material;cellulose content;fire department;chemical process;arid area;hard fibres;protein source;cell wall;technical expertise;arid climate;machine design;processing equipment;investment proposal;cultivation practice;dry seed;common species;cost breakdown;project analyses;market price;annual rainfall;conversion factor;cost data;working day;harvested seed;agricultural sector;excessive levels;spinning thread;access road;cotton boll;cubic feet;polyethylene materials;oil seed;

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