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Official Documents- Financing Agreement for Additional Financing for Grant D806-TD (الإنجليزية)


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    Official Documents- Financing Agreement for Additional Financing for Grant D806-TD

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    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; Annual Work Plan and Budget; Technical and Fiduciary Coordination Unit; Environmental and Social Management Plan; Environmental and Social Management Framework; small and medium size enterprise; Agricultural Research and Development; Gender-Based Violence; Environmental and Social Safeguard; sustainable reduction of poverty; Integrated Pest Management; working plan and budget; purposes of section; resettlement action plan; Program of Activities; Resettlement Policy Framework; grievance redress mechanism; loss of income; agricultural research system; access to asset; Financial Management System; financial management specialist; Investment Project Financing; information communication technology; immediate response mechanism; financial management capacity; loss of asset; acquisition of equipment; financial management arrangement; Gender Impact Evaluation; applicable safeguard policies; agricultural support service; Agricultural Advisory Services; implementation of innovation; code of conduct; private sector entities; use of technology; local community investment; criteria for investment; cost of training; Resettlement action plans; minister in charge; procedures for procurement; use of pesticide; agricultural production system; consulting service; Consulting services; operations manual; selection criterion; eligibility criterion; climate resilience; institutional measure; financial statement; Host Communities; productive asset; sustainable agriculture; climate-smart agriculture; reporting obligation; protected area; improved technologies; contribution requirement; annual budget; social standard; strategic guidance; improved seed; agriculture sector; grant basis; extension service; equipment rental; accounting software; remedial measure; social implications; public servant; supervision cost; equipment maintenance; vehicle operation; payment obligation; internal auditor; working condition; resettlement assistance; auditing standard; citizen engagement; beneficiary monitoring; train activity; reasonably request; governing investment; payment method; recipient's request; transaction process; loan proceeds; organizational arrangement; value addition; accounting standards; local production; technology adoption; governance procedure; procurement procedure; financing agreement; improve livestock; communication strategy; youth association; regional cooperation; food insecurity; agricultural producer; communications system; Agricultural Technology; best practice; regional network; social screening; positive impact; competitive research; Social Assessment; foundation seed; increase productivity; incremental cost; adaptive research; bank charge; subsistence allowance; affected communities; national capacity; procurement method; sectoral strategy; reasonable opportunity; irrigation scheme; Digital Solutions; weather forecast; multidisciplinary work; disease vector; development partner; Work Transfer; ibrd loans; gender consideration; gender strategy; competitive agriculture; research grant; international cooperation; revitalize agricultural; written agreement; financial procedure; monetary transfer

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