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Report to the Board from the Committee on Development Effectiveness : sub-committee report - World Bank support to early childhood development and draft management response (الإنجليزية)

The sub-committee (SC) of the Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE) considered independent evaluation group’s (IEG’s) evaluation entitled, World Bank (WB) support to early childhood development (ECD) and draft management response. The Committee welcomed IEG’s timely review and its emphasis on the importance of having a multisectoral and holistic view of ECD. Members broadly concurred with the conclusions and recommendations of the report and called for more effective collaboration across the WBG, including within the global practices (GP) and International Finance Corporation (IFC). The Committee commended the Bank on its ECD work, particularly in knowledge work and in operations, to advance the discussion beyond child survival to child thriving. They inquired about the WBG’s plans going forward in the areas of quality of child care, labor force participation by women, maternal health care, and parenting skills. They underscored the importance of focusing on the most vulnerable children in low-income countries, including in fragile and conflict-affected states. They were encouraged that ECD impact evaluations recently approved under the strategic impact evaluation fund will be providing cost-effectiveness evidence, including benefits of scaling up pilot ECD interventions, which will be key to further promote ECD in client countries.


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